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From advising on appropriate reward strategies to support your business plan goals, to designing performance based incentives that really attract and motivate your employees, we tailor our reward solutions to meet your commercial strategy and unique business environment. Our aim is to provide the very best reward solutions in the market and to act as a long-term advisor our clients can confidently trust.

The company is led by Patrick Robertson, Managing Director, who has over 20 years strategic rewards consulting experience and has advised many of Ireland’s leading Companies, Boards and Remuneration Committees. See Testimonials.

If you feel the generic approach offered by many of the large consulting firms is not supporting your business and you would prefer to have a more personal service really focussed on helping you to achieve your business goals, then Performance Reward Consulting may be the right fit for you.

If you would like to find out how Performance Reward Consulting can help your organisation achieve its goals, then contact us  for an informal, confidential discussion.

Who We Are

Appreciating that senior executives, board members and HR Leadership expect a trusted and experienced reward advisor who really takes the time to understand their business, Patrick Robertson founded Performance Reward Consulting  to provide a more personal and unique approach.

Our aim is to provide individually tailored, pragmatic reward solutions based on a genuine understanding of your business and a depth of rewards experience across industry. We focus on supporting each partner business to achieve its goals through effective compensation strategy, incentive plan and benefits design.

We understand that that most of the large consulting firms are constrained by their standard approaches, global methodologies and “usual way of working” which often provides a generic outcome based on a single set of data. Whilst this can provide a fast standardised solution, it often does not take due account of the specific business culture, operating climate and individual personalities within each client’s business. This is where Performance Reward Consulting offers a unique and different approach.

At Performance Reward Consulting we take the time to really understand our client’s team, business goals and culture and then design bespoke reward solutions specific to your needs. In taking this more agile approach, we focus on developing long-term strategic partnerships with a select group of clients where we really get to know and understand each other and add commercial value through tailored reward solutions. Whether it is advising on pay levels, designing or redesigning a bonus scheme or developing a long-term incentive structure to retain executives and support your business growth, we really consider your business context, people and environment.

Prior to forming Performance Reward Consulting, Patrick headed the Rewards and HR consulting unit of Mercer, consulting with clients across Ireland and internationally. Over the years, Patrick’s experience has included consulting with the majority of Ireland’s largest companies. Prior to joining Mercer Patrick was an HR leader in a large UK company. See testimonials. from a range of people who have experience of working with Patrick.

Patrick has a Degree in Business Studies and a Masters in Stategic Human Resource Management. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art Manufacturing and Commerce.

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